Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Someone had mentioned this site in their blog, but I thought I would discuss it a little more.

Here is Animoto in 60 seconds-

Animoto is a website that allows the subscriber to upload videos, pictures, and music to be placed within a themed template. The user can add captions and title text slides throughout the show.  The site is free to create 30 second videos and is inexpensive to subscribe to for a year.  The free versions provides limited templates and some preloaded songs.

There is Animoto Education available. This version is also free. This will allow the teacher to create individual students accounts.  The accesses on these accounts are the same as the regular free version.

Ways that I've used it are:
  •   Design quick engagement videos to introduce a lesson or unit
  • End of the year slideshows.

Example: This past year, my class was studying regions. As a class we visited each region through a variety of activities. Each lesson started with the students showing their boarding passes and boarding the plane. They watched a short video simulating a plane ride and landed in the region. Before leaving the plane, they would watch an Animoto that welcome them to the region.  Here is the Northeast region:

For additional examples visit


  1. I've never used Animoto but after watching that youtube video it caught my attention. I love that no two videos are ever the same. This could be a great tool for students to use to create a visual for research projects. Even if students study the same topic they would still end up with a video that is different than their peers. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Your Animoto video reminded me of the introductory videos that Scholastic's System 44 uses to introduce the next module for small-group work. The students love them. They then have to answer questions based on the video which is the way Scholastic introduces vocabulary. I bet the same could be done with Animoto except I wonder if you can put narration on it? Can you only do songs? I'll probably go to the old standby YouTube to see if a couple thousand people have put tutorial videos up. The kids love this way to introduce a new topic.