Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Kidblog is a blogging site just like blogger. The layouts and functions are similar to blogger, which is beneficial for teacher use.  The difference between Kidblog and blogger is the ease and security.

Site Access
  • ·         Teacher controls who has access to the site.

  • ·         Only people invited by the teacher can post.
  • ·         Teacher controls who can view post. They can have it set up so that only the teacher view, parents can view only their child’s post, and for everyone to view it.
  • ·         Teacher can choose to approve all posts before they are submitted.

  • ·         Teacher can choose to approve all comments before they are submitted.
  • ·         Teacher controls who can comment on the post.

  • ·         No ads
  • ·         Teacher controls widgets available
  • ·         Student chooses name from a drop down
  • ·         Each student has their own blog that is connected with the teacher’s blog

Here is a video of how to set up a blog with Kidblog.

Here are some examples of how to use it:

I have not used Kidblog or any blog in the classroom and will be exploring how blogs can be part of the classroom.  


  1. This seems like a great opportunity for teachers to use a blog with their students in the classroom. It seems like it would be safe for teachers to use in the classroom. I would love to explore it more before school starts to see if this would be something that I would use. One way that I would use it would be to have students discuss a novel that they are reading. It would be great for me to post an idea or assignment and have students post their responses on the blog.

  2. You set your settings in your sample KidBlog so that only people who are logged in can read the posts. Can it be set so that it is public for everyone to read?

  3. The owner can control what parts are public and private. It can be open up for full public access or there are many options what is available to the public.

    I did change the link above to public access.