Saturday, July 19, 2014

Museum Box (Discovery Box)

Museum box is a presentation tool that allows the user to put everything into a “box”.  The user can upload videos, pictures, and text files. The boxes can be published and allow others to comment on them.
The user starts with an open grid filled with individual blocks waiting for information.  Each block can be labeled for ease of organization.

Starting Template: 

The user clicks on a block. Each block consists of 6 sides.  The user uploads their information on the block.  The information loaded on the front block will be what is displayed in the box. 

Unfortunately, the tool is not free. It cost approximately $99 for school subscriptions, but there are many pre-made Museum Boxes that are ready to use in the classroom. 


  1. I remembered a tool like this from a few years ago, and I watched the tutorial video. I really liked how you can add all different types of multimedia like text, video, images, and audio. It's an interesting way to have a non-linear presentation, and students would definitely enjoy using it. But I sort of wish the presentation was a little more formal or fancier, and I obviously wish it weren't so expensive! The guy in the video said it was a free login, but is that just for the ones that can already be used and presented like you mentioned?

  2. This would be a great tool for students to use in my classroom! I really enjoy having the students research and present information and I think they would really enjoy this different way of presenting. Because it allows multiple things to be added to each box (video, text, images) they are not limited to only one way of presenting information. I wonder if the cost is a one-time fee of $99 or if it is a monthly/annual subscription. Thank you for informing me of this tool, I am going to look into using it in my classroom!