Wednesday, July 23, 2014

smore Part 2

smore Part 1

This year my team has decided to have the students publish a newsletter.  Smore would allow for the student to create a professional looking newsletter and be able to easily distribute it to parents.  The students and teacher would be able to check the data to see how often it us viewed and if the newsletter is effective.  

Another helpful link with using smore in the class is this teacher blog: Teacher Use:


  1. Smore looks very cool! The templates make the flyers look great without having to have lots of design experience. My only question is how it would work for the students to create their own. I only looked at the site briefly, but I didn't see anything about being able to create student accounts. Especially with the high price tag, I would want to make sure that students could really use it before buying it just for teacher use. Are teachers able to grant their students access once they've purchased an account?

  2. This is awesome! It would be great to use to promote Lacrosse meetings. I love the easy "tweet" feature especially since that is how we communicate most things at my school. Great find. Thanks for sharing!